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Why You Should Let Professionals Repair Your Stove

September 23,2021

Stoves and cooktops are complicated appliances and have a lot of working parts. As stoves involve electricity, gas and heat, it is important to leave any repairs to the professionals. Do All Appliance offer stove repairs around Melbourne.

While you should seek professional assistance for stove repairs, there are some things you can do to decrease the need for repairs.

Cleaning Your Stove

Especially with gas stoves, it is important to maintain a clean stove to decrease the need for repairs. We recommend wiping down your stove area daily. Wiping down your stove after dinner is a good routine to get into. Not only does this maintain a clean kitchen, but it also helps reduce the amount of food and grease that can block the burners on your stove. Blocked burners can become a larger issue needing a gas stove repairs professional. If you think your burner has blockages, Do All Appliances do gas stove repairs in Melbourne.

Daily, cleaning is important, but so are the deeper cleans that happen less often. It is recommended to do a deep clean of your gas stove every 1-2 months. This deep clean should involve soaking and scrubbing the grates, and a deep clean of the surfaces when the grates are off. This will help prevent blockages from occurring, reducing the frequency of gas stove repairs.

Carefully cleaning the gas channels can help maintain a healthy and consistent flow of gas to your stovetop. As many of us use our stoves every day, there is bound to be some build up in these channels. Using a pipe cleaner or straw cleaner brush to gently clean the gas channels can reduce the need for gas stove repairs.

Gas Stove Repairs Melbourne

It is important that if you require stove repairs, you should seek professional services. Trying to repair electric or gas stoves yourself can be complicated and dangerous. Prioritise the health and safety of you and your household by getting a professional to repair your stove.

Common stove problems you may encounter include:

  • The gas burner is heating slowly
  • The stovetop keeps clicking
  • Burner changes temperature or trouble changing temperature

These problems can be caused by a range of deeper issues. This can be related to gas/electricity connections, ignition switches or other crucial parts of the stove. Our team are experienced in fixing a range of stove issues. Do All Appliances provide stove repairs across Melbourne.

Learn more about our stove repairs on our services page. You can also enquire about our services on our website or over the phone.

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