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The modern washing machine is available in two configurations: front loading and top loading. Tests comparing front and top loading machines have proven that front-loaders wash clothes more efficiently, cause less wear and use less water and energy than top-loaders. Using less water also allows for less detergent which increases concentration and chemical action for superior results.

Buying washing machines in Melbourne has become a necessity in households for clean and hygienic laundry. Washing machine repair Melbourne is inevitable with the extreme use that machines are placed under. When it comes to high-quality service and the best washing machine parts in Melbourne, look no further than do-all Appliance Service – your service and repair specialists.

Our Affordable Washing machine repairs service

At Do-all Appliance Service we understand the importance of quality and longevity with washing machines and regardless of what type or brand of machine you have, like our name suggests we provide repairs and services for all appliances. Whether you need Whirlpool or Fisher & Paykel washing machine, Bosch washing machine repair, or you may have another brand, our skilled technicians have the know-how to handle any problem. Check out Testimonials for our customer’s genuine reviews.

The first thing to do before calling us is to check that the taps and power are on. You would be surprised to know how many perceived technical problems are simply solved by turning a power switch. If that doesn’t work, call us for washing machine repairs.

For Whirlpool and Fisher & Paykel washing machine parts and repairs in Melbourne, you can trust the experts at do-all Appliance Service to get the job done right and fast. Don’t worry about appliances – leave that to us. If you are looking for washing machine repair near me, contact us today!

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Appliance Repair – Serviced Areas

At Do- All appliances, we offer washing machine repair service to all suburbs in Melbourne including Melbourne CBD, St Kilda, Richmond, Brunswick, Toorak, South Yarra and much more. Check out our Serviced Areas Here.

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