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When Does Your Washing Machine Need Repairs?

September 16,2021

Life is busy and you don’t have time for a malfunctioning washing machine. Between work clothes, school uniforms and sport uniforms it is important that your washing machine is working and working well! It is important that you get washing machine repairs as soon as it shows signs of malfunctioning or general wear at tear. But how do you know when you need washing machine repairs? Here are some things to look for.

Common Signs Your Washing Machine Needs Repairing

Excessive or Change in Noise

A crucial sign of you needing washing machine repairs is a change in the noise your machine makes. While it is normal for your washing machine to make some noise; if there is a change in the type of noise or the level of noise your washing machine makes, this can be an indicator of a machinery grinding together, or something being lodged in the machine. A washing machine repairs professional will be able to identify the cause and have your washing machine sounding normal again!

Water Leaking from the Soap Drawer

If you notice water leaking or building up in the soap drawer, a washing machine technician can help you! While for technicians this is a fairly simple fix, for those who don’t have experience it can be very complicated and may cause further damage to the machine. Water leaking from the soap drawer can be a sign of water pressure issues or other blockages. To resolve this, seek help from a washing machine repairs professional.

Clothes are Still Smelly/Dirty

This is a clear indicator that something is wrong. If your washing machine is failing to wash your clothes, or even leaving them dirtier than before, you need to consult a washing machine repairs professional. There is not much worse than needing your clothes washed, to find that your machine isn’t doing its job!

Our Washing Machine Repairs Service

Here at Do All Appliance, we understand how important your everyday appliances are to making your busy lifestyle easier. Between muddy football uniforms and wine spills on your favourite shirt, we know how crucial your washing machine is! Our team of experienced washing machine repairs professionals can get your washing machine back up and running in no time! We offer services such as:

The Do All Appliance team can tackle any problem on any brand of washing machine! We offer our services all across Melbourne and the outer suburbs! Do All Appliances services areas from Werribee to Belgrave. You can see our service areas on our website.

Our friendly team here at Do All Appliance are here to provide you with expert washing machine repairs and other repair services. Learn more about us and our services on our website. You can also enquire about these services on our website or over the phone.

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