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Tips on Caring for your Fridge and Freezer

November 11,2020

Taking Care of your Fridge

The refrigerator might just be the most important appliance in our homes! Properly caring for your fridge will help maximise its lifespan and reduce your electricity bills, while also keeping your food safe.

Did you know that the temperature of your refrigerator needs to be at or below 4° to keep your food safe? Any higher, and you risk spoilage and your food becoming dangerous to eat. Likewise, your freezer’s temperature should stay around -18°.

So, how can you keep your food safe and your electricity bills down? Read on for some tips.


Although you might make sure to give the fridge shelves a weekly once-over, are you also cleaning the harder-to-reach spots?

Your gasket, or the seal around the door of your fridge and freezer, can get torn or cracked. Check it often, and make sure to clean thoroughly to avoid any crumbs or spills getting stuck.

Likewise, the coils located on the back or bottom of the unit should be cleaned once or twice a year with a vacuum, to ensure there is no dust or dirt stopping your fridge from performing at its best.

Fridge Service

Did you know you should get your fridge serviced regularly? A professional technician can replace your water filter, change your gasket, and ensure everything is running as it should be. Regular servicing means lower electricity bills and helps prevent you from needing any avoidable repairs.

Fridge Inspect

Pay attention to what your refrigerator is trying to tell you. Take a moment to inspect the unit thoroughly – is it making an excessive amount of noise? Is there any water leaking? Take a thermometer and ensure the temperature is cold enough in both the fridge and freezer. If anything is not quite right, it is time to contact a qualified technician.

Do-All Appliance Service

Even if the issue seems minor, never put off getting your fridge serviced or repaired. Our Do-All Appliance Service team are qualified, experienced, and ready to help you!

If you need appliance repairs Melbourne, contact us today and we will be with you before you know it. We are specialists in fridge repairs Melbourne, freezer repairs Melbourne, and all kitchen repairs Melbourne too!

Our Do-All experts work with all brands of fridge and freezer!

–          Westinghouse Fridge & Freezers repairs

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–          Miele Fridge & Freezers repair

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–          And many more!

Do you need fridge and freezer repairs, servicing, or maintenance? Check out the locations we service right across Melbourne!

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