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Washing machine woes – Tips to keep your washing machine clean

October 30,2019

For an appliance that’s supposed to clean other things, it rarely occurs to us that the home washing machine may require cleaning from time to time itself. In fact, keeping your washing machine clean from the inside and out, can prevent long-term damage to its working parts, thereby saving you a tonne of money.

Here are some tips to help you clean that machine:

1) Run an empty hot cycle with white vinegar (don’t put any laundry in there!). This will help get rid of residues or grease, and it’ll also ensure that your clothes are washed cleaner the next time round.

2) Clean the rubber seal around the door. The seal is a hotbed of bacterial activity as mould and mildew tend to collect there. This is due to the accumulation of warm water and grime. Soak a clean cloth in a mild cleaning agent or a water and vinegar mixture, and gently wipe the seal. Leave the door open to dry out when not using the machine. S an extra precaution, run a hot water cycle every 5 to 10 washes to clear out any residue.

3) Wash out the detergent dispenser thoroughly. The receptacle for detergent can ironically become a magnet for grime and residue build-up. Wash it out with some warm water, or give it a good wiping down with a soft cloth.

Washing Machine Repair around Melbourne

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