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Thinking about replacing your washing machine? Contact a repair specialist and save your money

August 10,2020

Washing Machine- Repair or Replace?

Is your washing machine out of action or not working optimally? Well, before you think about going straight down to your local appliance store to spend hundreds of dollars on a new machine, call our Do-All Appliance Service, to see what we can do. Often, when washing machines are not working, all they need is a simple repair, or a part replaced, there is no need to waste your hard-earned money on purchasing a brand-new machine when yours is easily repairable.

The World E-Waste Crisis

The world is experiencing a waste crisis – when appliances break or clothes get holes, people no longer repair and mend them, they throw them out an purchase a brand-new replacement. This way of life is creating a global crisis of excessive waste.

Australians more than 45 million household appliances, and 2.5 million of these are discarded each year, with the majority ending up in the landfill. At Do-All Appliances, we are horrified by these statistics and are thus committed to fighting the catastrophic waste crisis by ensuring that all of our clients get the longest use out of their home appliances as possible.

So, if your washing machine, fridge, or any other home appliance for that matter, is broken, think twice before sending it to landfill. Call up our friendly team and they’ll do all they can to fix it and have it back to optimal working order. Repairing rather than rebuying is a great and easy way for you to help the environment while helping out your hip pocket. There really are no negatives.

All Washing Machine Brands Repair

Contact our washing machine repair service

Our expert technicians are the experts in washing machine repair. They can work with basically any brand and model of washing machine and have the know-how to handle any problem. You can trust the Do-All team with your washing machine.

For all your Appliances repair needs, call the Do-All Appliances team. Call us on 1300 366 365 or 03 9553 0660 for all of your home washing machines repairs Melbourne or visit our website for more information.


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