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Save Money and the Environment with Our Five Tips for Your Fridge

April 16,2021

The fridge is one of the most important appliances in any home – it’s also one of the most commonly used! Although our fridge usually hums away without us thinking too much about it, the humble refrigerator can be a source of high energy usage and expensive bills if you don’t pay attention.

The do-all Appliance Service team have created a quick guide with some simple fridge tips that can reduce your power bills (and help the environment while you’re at it!):

Fridge Energy Tips to Reduce Your Running Cost

#1 Don’t Fill It to The Brim!

Although it might be tempting to jam-pack your fridge with produce, Tupperware, and dishes, overfilling your fridge blocks air vents and increases pressure on the condenser – leading to those sky-high power bills that no one likes!

#2 Let Hot Foods Cool Down

Instead of placing hot leftovers directly into the fridge or freezer, give them a chance to cool down. The less work your fridge has to do to cool food, the more money you will save on electricity costs.

#3 Check the Temperature

Have you ever looked at the temperature control on your fridge? It is possible your fridge temp is set too low, meaning it has to work much harder – and use up much more electricity. Try keeping your fridge temperature at 4 ºC to 5ºC – this is the optimal temperature for most foods.

#4 Clean Condenser Coils

Refrigerator condenser coils are a small, oft-neglected (but very important!) part of the unit. These coils, sometimes located at the bottom of the fridge, play the essential role of cooling the unit and dispersing heat. Dirty coils quickly impact the performance of your fridge and should be cleaned regularly with a vacuum or coil brush.

#5 Service Often

What’s the number one way to save energy and reduce your environmental impact? Regular servicing from a qualified technician! An experienced Melbourne refrigerator repairman uses professional tools and industry know-how to ensure there’s no fridge defects that are secretly costing you money!

If you’re looking to save time and money on fridge repair, regular servicing is the way to go. Our do-all appliance servicing team operate across Melbourne, providing quality repairs for homes, properties, and businesses.

If your fridge is leaking, excessively noisy, or just not up to the job – don’t delay! Common fridge problems are easily fixed by our repair team but cost you more in energy bills the longer you wait. We offer competitive quotes, reliable technicians, and speedy fridge repairs across Melbourne.

If you’d like to hear more about our affordable Melbourne fridge repairs, call the friendly do-all team on 1300 366 365 today!

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