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Repair Your Appliances To Help Reducing E-Waste

December 8,2020

Do you know how much e-waste is going to landfill each year?

What do you usually do with your e-waste? Did you know that millions of electronic waste are being sent to landfills? And increasing every year! It’s not a secret that most of us now depend on advanced technologies which are convenient in our everyday life. Every year, modern pieces of machinery are being manufactured. Not to mention the countless models of smartphones and high tech devices. What will happen if those electrical and electronic products start malfunctioning or not useful anymore? It is really important that it will not end up in the wrong place.

We all know that e-waste contains harmful chemicals that are dangerous to human health and the environment. If e-waste will not be disposed of properly and be thrown away in the landfills, the toxic materials will leak and spread out into the air and will produce pollution. It will flow through the groundwater which will affect both our land and sea creatures.

What can you do to help?

There is a lot we can do to help lessen e-waste and save Mother Earth. Many organisations around the world are doing a lot of projects to help reduce the world’s biggest problem through recycling, repair, resale, or even donating.

Have you checked your drawers recently? For sure that there are devices that are not useful to you anymore or already outdated. How about looking around your house? No doubt, that some appliances are broken or you’re not using at all.

We all know that most of the appliances and gadgets quickly lost their value as soon as there is a new model introduced to the market. So, it is a good idea to sell your items as soon as you don’t need them. Some known brands are offering trade-in options. Where you can exchange your old devices for a new one. It is also a good thing to refurbished your appliances so it will be back to life and still reuse them or give to those who need it.

But a great way we can help as an individual is to be practical. You have to stop and think as many times as possible if you really need to buy new appliances or gadgets. Remember that buying the things we don’t need is the biggest source of e-waste. Educate yourself, friends, and family so we can all save the world.

Repair not Replace Old Appliances

Are you still trying to figure out if you want your appliance to be repaired or replaced? You can restore your old or broken appliances so they can be fixed for you to reuse it as it is or to be used by someone who needs it most.

At Do-All Appliance Service, our expert technicians can help you bring them back to life with the right equipment and knowledge. We will provide you tips on how to take care of your machines. We try our best to find better solutions to fix your appliances.

Repair, save money and help reduce e-waste. Visit our website for more information about our services or you can call 1300 366 365 or 03 9553 0660 for bookings.

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