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March 7,2018

Best Choice for Refrigerator Repair – Calling Do-All Appliance Service!

There probably isn’t a house without a fridge in the whole of Australia. The reason is simple – storing food wouldn’t be easy without refrigerators. In fact, fridges seem to be some of the household appliances that are making our lives better. So, when the fridge stops working, serious problems can occur and you need refrigerator repair.

If the refrigerator is not working properly during the hottest months of the year, the food inside of it might become not suitable for use. This means that without a fridge, your health and the health of your family might get compromised. That’s why choosing a proper refrigerator is an extremely important thing. What’s even more important is choosing the right service company for refrigerator repair work.

If your fridge stops working, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible, and probably need a fridge mechanic. The time is of the essence when it comes to refrigerator repair. We’re not talking about days, but minutes! The sooner you get a service to help you deal with it, the better. This is why you need to have the number of a reliable repair team stored somewhere. Like, for example, the telephone number of people from Do-All Appliance Service!

When to Call Do-All Appliance Service?

Depending of the quality of your fridge, you might not have any problems with it for ages. Still, if a trouble strikes, it can cause quite a lot of problems. To prevent that, you will need to maintain it properly, but you’ll also need to have the service team do check-ups from time to time. However, even this is not a total guarantee that the fridge will not break.

The good news is that even if a problem occurs, there’s a way to take care of it easily. As soon as you notice that something is wrong with the fridge, you need to dial 1300 366 365 and ask Do-All Appliance repair team to come by and solve the problem!

Among the most common issues with fridges are the following:

  • Fridge leaks water
  • The water filteris clogged
  • The ice-maker is not working
  • Fridge doesn’t cool sufficiently
  • Fridge is too warm on the outside
  • Fridge is making a lot of noise
  • Refrigerator runs 24/7
  • Ice buildup inside the fridge

All of these issues can be fixed quickly and easily. The first step to do that is to give us a call. Even if the issue that is worrying you is not on the list, you should still get in touch with us. It’s because our team has everything needed to make any fridge problem go away. But, our work is not just about refrigerator repair, it’s also about maintenance. We can help you prolong the life of your fridge!

How to Improve the Life of Your Refrigerator?

In order to make sure your refrigerator will not stop working suddenly, you need to maintain it properly. By this, we mean that you need to pay attention that there aren’t some things obstructing its work. For example, if the fridge is placed right next to some source of heat (oven or furnace), you should think of another place for it.

Another thing to pay attention to is whether the back of the fridge is clean. Debris from dust or pet hair can clog the air filter of the fridge, which may increase the temperature of its engine. In fact, this is one of the most common causes of fridge problems.

These are just some of the suggestions that can help the fridge last longer. If you want more useful tips on how to take care of your household appliances, or in need of a fridge repair around Melbourne, feel free to get in touch with the people from Do-All Appliance Service!

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