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Miele Dishwasher – New House, New Appliances, New Life

November 28,2019

miele dishwasher

Fixes, Rinse Aid dosage on Miele Dishwasher

I was so happy with the new investment we had made, as a family of four.  It is a scary process to build and buy our first family home.   We were now in a lovely three-bedroom house in a community setting.  The developers had used Miele products and we have been very happy with them so far.   The dishwasher though one annoying feature in that, the level of rinse aid that was being dispensed was sometimes too low or too high.

Sometimes, the dishwasher would dispense not enough rinse aid, so the dishes came out wet and not as shiny as it should, while other times the dispensing level would be too much and the Miele dishwasher created too many suds that caused it to leak.

Even though it wasn’t an urgent matter, it was a continuous annoying feature with a new appliance.  So I rang Do All Appliances, and they showed me how to change the level of rinse aid being dispensed.  A little bit more education about the Miele dishwashing machine helped me immensely.

Miele Dishwasher Repair Melbourne

We now know that if we had a lot of visitors for dinner, we could put the level of rinse aid dispensed up to six, while if it was just my breakfast dishes which are not that dirty; I could put the level of rinse aid being dispensed down to a two.  This helped bring consistency to the level of cleanliness of our dishes so that when the cycle was all finished we would know that the dishes were all clean and could be put away for their next use.

I would highly recommend Do All Appliances as their product knowledge and understanding of the different issues was great.

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