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Microwaves Keeping it Convenient

October 11,2021

Microwaves have become an amazing time saver in every kitchen. From heating leftovers to baking, there are so many uses for this kitchen appliance. But you never realise how much you use your microwave until it is broken.

Here at Do All Appliances, we want to make sure your microwave is working well through a high-quality microwave repairs service.

3 Things You Might Not Have Known About Your Microwave


Despite some common misconceptions, using the microwave to heat food has little to no effect on the nutritional value of your food! While microwaving may change the structure of the vitamins and minerals, but won’t decrease the amount of them in your food. From meal prepped vegetables to last night’s pizza, using the microwave to heat food does not decrease the vitamins and minerals in your food.

Microwaves Cook Food with Friction

Did you know that microwaves use friction to cook food? The safe form of radiation used by microwaves causes the food’s molecules to bump into each other. Causing the food to heat up! This fast and efficient way of heating food can actually provide a more even heating process than using a stove or oven. Making sure that your microwave is working well is important to ensure you are getting all the benefits! Make sure your microwave is working most efficiently as possible by talking to a microwave repair professional.

Your Microwave Can Do Many Things

While heating food is the most common use for microwaves. But we have found that there are many ways you can use your microwave.

  • Putting a clove of garlic in the microwave for a short amount of time can make it easy to peel.
  • You can crispy your food! A microwave crisper pan can make your chips warm and crispy
  • Drying your herbs is quick and easy. With some paper towels, your favourite herbs and 3 minutes you can add dried herbs to your favourite meal.

With the range of uses and convivence provided by microwaves, your microwave must be working as well as possible.

Microwave Repairs

Over 75% of Australian households have a microwave in their kitchen. This shows how much Australians value quick and easy cooking in their daily lives. When using your microwaves stop being quick and easy, it is time to seek microwave repairs.

Our team of professionals have experience in a range of microwave repairs. Here at Do all Appliances, our team frequently repairs industrial microwaves, inbuilt microwaves and do Smeg microwave repairs. Book in with a Do All Appliances microwave repairs professional today.

Learn more about our microwave repairs on our services page. You can also enquire about our services on our website or over the phone.

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