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Same Day Commercial Appliance Repair in Melbourne

December 13,2022

Emergency repair needs are unpredicted and worse especially when you need your commercial appliance the most! We hoped that you didn’t experience those problems during the festivities. Most of the restaurant kitchens are busy during the holidays! Ovens, stoves, and dishwashers are the star of Christmas and New Year celebrations while freezers and range hoods need to maintain their cleanliness over time for better performance.


Why Do You Need to Repair & Maintain Your Commercial Appliances?

Commercial appliances can literally serve hundreds to thousands of customers every day, that is why it is necessary to have them professionally checked from time to time and to keep your kitchen activities running and making sure that all your appliances are in good condition and its full function. It can also help to increase the life span of your kitchen appliances by having them maintained regularly.

It is a great idea to schedule a maintenance check for you to avoid any reoccurring problems that can ruin your business. Do you like to serve uncooked or burned dishes to your customers because your commercial oven or stove is not working? It is also a nightmare if your dishwasher is leaking or have a broken drain pump, would you serve your customers a plastic spoon or fork and a disposable plate for fine dining? What about the spoiled foods caused by your malfunctioning freezer?

So, have you now planned to schedule a maintenance check and repair on your commercial appliances? Let your appliances be ready for 2021 for a better business!


Melbourne’s Commercial Appliances Same Day Repair!

Do-All Appliance Service has its pride in providing excellent services to customers throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan area. We will help you with almost anything when it comes to maintenance and repairs. With our highly experienced team, you will spend less than it’s worth and get advice from our technicians on how to care for your appliances correctly.

Do-All Appliance Service guarantees same-day commercial repair and maintenance. We will make sure that your emergencies are being responded to and transferred to our mobile technicians to be solved quickly. You can also select your appointment time for your convenience, and we’ll ring you 30 minutes before our arrival. Our Mobile Service vans cover Melbourne-wide and outer suburbs making sure that our repair services can reach your area anywhere you are in Melbourne. Apart from that, we also do not charge our customers a traveling fee for coming to your place as we charge for parts and labour fees only.

We provide commended service on washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, fridge & freezers, ovens & stoves, and rangehood repair. All services are covered with a written warranty, and if you’re looking for fully reconditioned appliances, we can also sell your machines with a 12-month warranty.


Call us now at 1300 366 365 if you need professional help with your commercial appliances or you may visit our website for more details about our services.

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