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Looking for an Appliance Repair Company to Manage Your Property?

December 9,2022

If you sell or manage several properties, chances are that maintenance issues are one of the biggest drains on your time and money. With every property, real estate agents or property managers are responsible for maintaining each part of the unit, from the walls and windows to the electrical and plumbing systems, and most especially, maintaining the unit’s domestic appliances.

If an appliance isn’t working properly, you must consider them checked and repaired by Professionals. Otherwise, you can expect some buyers or renters to lower their offer price or lose interest in your property completely.

When selling a property or home, you must remember that all domestic appliances included in the sale must be functional. In fact, a discussion about appliances like oven, stove, range hoods, or dishwashers is one of the top things applicants want to know about when inquiring about a property, regardless if they are a buyer or a renter.

In order to keep your domestic appliances well-maintained and your buyer or tenants happy, it may be time to hire a Professional Appliance Repair Company. It is important to get someone who has the knowledge and can be depended on to get the tasks done in a timely and professional manner.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Appliance Repair Company

Rather than hiring a repairman every time something needs to be fixed, or constantly having to check up on all your properties, it is often more cost-effective to hire a regular appliance repair service company that you can trust and make your job a lot easier. It will save you time, money, and ensure that your properties continue to run smoothly. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional appliance repair company:

Professional Services

It is good to let the professionals do their work since they know how to handle every situation. Let’s be honest and agree that even if you are using and following the instructions on the manual, you still cannot get the same results as a professional. Well, just like simply opening screws will take you longer than it should right? Professionals are well-trained and might not take long for repairing your appliances because they have an interest in what they are doing and a good professional appliance repair company has the technical skills and capabilities to repair.

Saves You Money

We can’t deny that most people are doing some DIY repairs or hiring a “non-professional repairman” because they just simply want to save money. There are chances that most of them do not have the experience and may end up causing more damage to your appliances which will cost you to pay for more. Yes, your appliance might work after that repair but, for how long are you going to stay with the appliance before it is faulty again? Maybe a week or two? A professional repair will ensure that your reliable appliance is well repaired and maintained without breaking the bank! No need to worry about issues in the future because other than fixing the faulty parts at the moment, they will also look at other parts too, making sure that everything is functioning and avoid reoccurring problems which can help you save money.

Service Warranty

With a reputable appliance repair company, you will be offered a warranty after the services have been rendered.

Increased Property Value

Properties that have a self-contained kitchen that includes domestic appliances can often charge a higher selling price or a higher rent. Especially when your domestic appliance is well-maintained and in a good performance. The lack of appliance repairs will detract from the property’s market value and rental prices.


Domestic appliances use electricity and it is best to hire someone who understands that field. A simple mistake could make the situation worse. Professionals know how to do the job as they are well-trained. Appliance repair and maintenance should be taken seriously and having them checked with professionals can help keep your home and properties safe.


Do-All Appliance Professional Services for your Business Needs

When it comes to Professional Repair Services for your business, Do-All Appliance Services guarantees a hassle-free day by offering you a simple “one company ’service” to all and any of your domestic appliance problems. We offer exceptional services at a reasonable price. We also offer same-day repair! So, surely you’ll get the ultimate peace of mind knowing your property machinery is in good shape and won’t be causing you trouble.

We offer quick response times. We have a central Melbourne office to which all calls are directed, so we can transfer the calls to one of our mobile technicians promptly, making sure that they can get to the job as quickly as possible. Once we receive the job request, our team will call you back to organize a suitable time. Aside from that, we only charge one service calls even if more than one visit is required.


Call us today at 1300 366 365 or 03 9553 0660 for all your Real Estate Companies and Business professional appliance services needs or visit our website for more information.



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