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June 25,2020






LG Electronics, founded in 1958, as a globally recognised, high quality manufacturer that specialise in televisions as well as other electrical appliances, including reliable refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines.

With LG being such a popular brand of appliances in Australia, the Do-All team are extremely experienced in LG appliance repairs and services. We understand the costs of replacing large appliances, so we are dedicated to servicing and repairing your appliances to ensure they have the longest life possible.


LG Dishwasher Repairs

Once you’ve experienced life with a dishwasher, there is no going back, not to mention that a dishwasher is often more water efficient than hand washing, meaning a dishwasher helps you, your hip pocket and the environment. So, of course we understand the annoyance when your dishwasher needs a repair, and our technicians are extremely skilled and qualified in providing the highest quality LG dishwasher repair and service to keep your dishes clean,


LG Washing Machine Repairs

An LG washing machine is made to last, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have problems from time to time. To keep your machine functioning at its best for as long as possible, it is important to make the most of our LG washing machine services and repair team. Our experienced technicians can solve any issues with your LG washing machine and keep it in top shape!

So, if you are searching for LG washing machine repairs Melbourne, look no further than Do-All Appliances.


LG Fridge Repairs

A fridge is a serious and costly investment, so we understand that you want it to last as long as possible as well as remaining in optimal condition to keep your food safe and fresh. For this reason, we recommend regular services to keep your fridge at its best, and when issues do arise, a LG refrigerator repair should be sought out as soon as possible.

Keep your fridge in top shape with our LG fridge repairs Melbourne experts.


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If you are in the need of anything from a LG fridge repair to a service on your washing machine, the Do-All Appliance technicians can solve your problems. Call us on 1300 366 365 OR 03 9553 0660 for all of you LG repairs Melbourne or visit our LG repairs website for more information.

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