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How to Prolong the Life of Your Household Appliances?

December 25,2022

Appliances are what’s keeping the home running. From fridges to ovens, from washing machines to dishwashers, all these play an important role in every home. Our repair specialists in Melbourne have suggested some of these simple tips and tricks to prolong your appliance’s life and avoid constant repairs in the future.

Tips and Tricks on Appliance Maintenance

Here is the most common fixing advice from professionals that may help you when your appliance needs an emergency repair:

Read the Owner’s Manual

Whenever we buy new appliances, an owner’s manual must come with it. That’s your basic guide and instruction for any machine you’re trying to fix. An owner’s manual contains every little detail from your appliance, so keep it the next time and don’t throw them away.

Always Check the Coils

Dirty coils result in issues and malfunction for your fridge. You may remove the back panel and use a vacuum to clean dust and remove dirt from the coils, then wipe it with a cloth to fully clean the surface. We recommend you keep ventilation behind your fridge for the best performance and to save electricity.

Maintain Your Dishwasher’s Good Performance

A dishwasher will help your dishes keep squeaky and spotless, as long as they are regularly checked and cleaned. You may run hot water or use a cleaning solution to help you clean your dishwashers with ease. Our experts suggest cleaning the basket filter and the holes in the spray arms every few months, a full clean service every couple of years, and never using a hand-washing detergent on your dishwashers.

Pay Attention to Noisy Buffers

Any extra sound coming from your appliances can be alarming. You may check if your machine is in level, or you may purchase anti-vibration pads to place at the bottom to reduce noise.

Replace Seals

Wondering why your fridge isn’t cold enough inside? It might be from the wear or cracked seal from the door. Check for any surrounding damage because it may need some replacement. Purchasing that part from the manufacturer can help you save from buying a new one.

Clogged Dryer

Every time you use your clothes dryer, make sure that you check for any clogs or at least clean the lint trap after using. You also need to make sure that you’re not overloading your dryer by doing it in batches.

Washing Machine to Last Longer

Don’t overload your washer to avoid stress to the motor, tub, and bearing. Always keep the rubber gasket clean. It is an important part of your machine as it wraps the edges to protect your clothes from damage. Clean the filters and keep checking the hoses for a smooth flow of water. We suggest that front-load washing is more efficient and causes less wear. They also recommend the use of less water for a higher detergent concentration and the best results.

Clean Your Kitchen Appliances Regularly for a Better Performance

For Ovens and Stoves, make sure that you clean food spills and built-up grease as soon as after use, to improve performance and avoid sudden repairs.

Rangehood. Regularly clean the air filter, and range wood fan blades. When removing the air filter, wash it with warm soapy water and make sure it completely dries before reattaching.

Knowing the basic knowledge of well-maintained appliances can save you more than you expect. The warranty is there but keeping its lifespan after is what you need most.

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