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How Often Should You Have Your Home Appliances Serviced?

November 9,2020

With all the fuss and stress of daily life, it can be easy to forget about getting your appliances serviced. However, servicing from a qualified technician helps your appliances run better and last longer. Regular servicing saves you money on utility bills, repairs, and replacements.

Do you know how often your appliances should be serviced? Check out our handy guide.

Fridges Repair Service in Melbourne

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the home, and regular servicing is crucial.

With all that time spent opening and closing the door, it is easy for the hinge and seals to wear out. When that happens, your food is no longer being kept cold – or safe. Sometimes, the temperature of the fridge fluctuates for other reasons. Servicing helps ensure everything is running as it should.

If your fridge is leaking water, making unusual noises, or not keeping your food cold, it is time to call a qualified technician!

Ovens, Stoves and Rangehoods

Our entire oven system, including the stove and rangehood, has many parts, and sometimes, these parts can become damaged or wear out.

Often, the culprit is a tripped circuit breaker or fuse. If you have checked this and the issue persists, speak to a technician. Likewise, dirt, grime and frequent usage can cause issues for other parts of the oven unit, like the element, grills, and plates.

Chat to a technician to see if these parts can be fixed or if they need to be replaced!

Dishwasher Repair Service Melbourne

As dishwashers contain a dangerous combination of electricity and water, inspections and repairs should always be done by a professional.

Regular servicing can prevent any issues from causing you problems in the home, like unclean dishes, excessive noise, or leaking water. If you do happen to notice any problems, call a technician right away.

Washing Machine and Dryer Repairs Melbourne

The important combination of the washing machine and dryer are crucial appliances for many busy families, and keeping them running smoothly is paramount.

The first indication of a faulty washing machine is often water leaking from the bottom or sides of the unit. If this is happening, call a technician right away. Likewise, defective dryers might frequently overheat or even leave you with wet clothes. Loud or unusual noises are a sign of wear and tear for both machines.

Washing machines and dryers are complex and choosing to service them yourself can be a risky decision. Always have them inspected and serviced by a qualified technician.

Contact Do-All Appliance Service

Are you having issues with any appliances in your home? Perhaps you just want to ensure everything is working as it should?

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For the best in-home appliances repair Melbourne, contact the qualified and experienced team at Do-All Appliance Service. We operate all across Melbourne, delivering affordable and skilled appliance repairs Melbourne. If you are looking for a Melbourne technician to inspect, service, or repair your whitegoods and other appliances, contact Do-All Appliance Service today!

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