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Fridge Repairs Saving You Money!

October 4,2021

Food for most people is a weekly expense planned into our budget. Whether it be you are buying groceries for the whole family, or just meal prepping for yourself, you want your food to stay fresh for as long as possible. Not only can spoiled food be bad for your health, but it can also be bad for your budget! Avoid breaking your budget by getting quality fridge repairs!

There are many issues that can cause your fridge to malfunction, our team of fridge repairs professionals have the experience to tackle all issues.

Common Fridge Issues

 Fridge is Leaking Water

It is never a good sign when your fridge is leaking water. It is always a shock when a pool of water appears next to your fridge. Leaking water can be a sign of a drainage issue or an issue with temperature. The drainage issue, while not too serious initially can cause large problems down the road. Issues with temperature can be a larger issue that requires immediate attention from a professional. Getting onto these issues sooner, rather than later can reduce the cost of repairs and decrease the amount of spoiled food you have to throw out. If you notice a pool of water by your fridge, you should consult a fridge repairs professional as soon as possible.

Temperature Issues

As mentioned before, temperature issues can be a serious indicator that your fridge needs repairing. Changing temperatures in your fridge can quickly spoil any food you have in your fridge or freezer. Food that experiences changes in temperatures can quickly start growing bacteria and mould. This can cause serious health issues for you can your family. There are many factors in your fridge that can cause temperature issues. These include:

  • Lack of power supply
  • Changed or broken temperature setting
  • Blocked condenser fan
  • Defrost system problems
  • Broken temperature sensor
  • Evaporator fan not running

Temperature issues need to be addressed quickly to help prevent your food from going bad. If your think your fridge is having temperature issues, consider talking to a professional.

Continuous Running and/or Loud Noise

A fridge that is always running and making a loud buzzing noise, is not only annoying but also extremely costly. A fridge that is always running is using a lot of electricity, causing a big increase in your monthly bill. To avoid spending large amounts of money on electricity, it is recommended to seek fridge repairs if your fridge is making loud noises and is continuously running.

Our Fridge Repair Services

Our experienced and highly skilled team attend to more than 10,000 jobs per year and are up-to-date with all of the latest industry practices and equipment. Our fridge repair team have experience with all types of fridges and issues. We understand each fridge is built differently and therefore repaired differently. Our most common services include:

We understand that fridge repairs can be very time-sensitive and the sooner fixed the better. Seek quick fridge repairs services to avoid breaking your food and electricity budget.

Learn more about our fridge repairs on our services page. You can also enquire about our services on our website or over the phone.

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