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Household appliance- Big brands repair services 

August 15,2020

It is no secret that a new home appliance costs and arm and a leg, so you most likely want to ensure that your appliance is able to last as long as possible. Lucky for you, the Do-All Appliance Service team can help you to achieve just that. With our services and repairs, we can extend the life of your appliance considerably, and save you thousands of dollars in preventing you from needing to purchase brand-new appliances.

Tips on extending the life of your appliances:


  • Keep them clean – often you have to clean filters (for dishwashers, clothes dryers and washing machines) and keep dust and other muck out of important functions (for example, the back of your fridge or freezer).
  • Check for leaks regularly – this goes for most appliances, whether they may leak water, gas or cold air, it is important to keep an eye out for leaks and to repair them straight away when they do occur to prevent them from causing any further damage or potentially becoming dangerous for you and your family.
  • Don’t overload your appliances – this goes for fridges, washing machines, freezers and dishwasher. Overloading your appliances forces them to overwork, which decreases their efficiency, and for fridges and freezers, causes problems with their thermostat.
  • Service them regularly – the best way to give your appliances the longest life is to service them regularly, and the Do-All team can help with that. We can take a look at your appliances and fix any problems and replace any worn-out parts before problems occur and give them a good clean in the places that you can’t reach.


Choose to Repair not Replace – it saves you money and helps the environment

Appliances are not cheap, that is no secret, so you don’t want to be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new appliances when yours can be fixed with a simple and affordable repair. Furthermore, over 2.5 million home appliances end up in landfill each year in Australia alone, thus, it is not surprising that constantly replacing damaged or broken appliances is extremely damaging to the environment.

So, if you arelooking to save your hard-earned money, or are concerned about the environment, it is always best to repair your home appliances and get a long and happy life out of them before choosing to replace them. And, with the Do-All Appliance Service team, we can help you to do just that.

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For anything from a dryer service to a full fridge repair, the Do-All Appliances team can help you with your home appliances. To book an appointment, simply call our friendly team, and they will be happy to answer any question and book a service; otherwise, feel free to visit our website for more information.

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