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I love my ASKO, but today it wouldn’t start – HELP!

November 27,2019

ASKO dishwasher repair

Today, has not been an ideal day, then I found DO – ALL Appliances.

I just love my morning breakfast routine.  It involves a healthy relaxed breakfast, some quiet time listening to music or reading the morning paper over a coffee.  This routine is what keeps me sane in my stressful day job as a sales manager.

After breakfast, I happily pack my ASKO dishwasher and press start so ASKO does the rest.  I know I can leave the ASKO to clean my dirty dishes and it will be ready for me to unpack when I come home.

Well, today, I was preparing for a sales presentation, so I needed to be calm and focused for this appointment at 10 am.  I was going over my presentation notes at breakfast yet when I tried to press start, it just wouldn’t go.  I tried everything, turning it on and off, looking at the instruction manual and what directions I could find, I unpacked the dishwashing thinking something may have gotten stuck and caused it to break down.  It just wouldn’t start.  This became so frustrating because I like to leave my little unit in a clean state.  This didn’t happen today.

Anyway I was running a little later now for my presentation, so I packed up my presentation notes and left.   On the train, I posted to one of my business Facebook groups, about ASKO dishwasher not starting.  My Facebook community came to my aid and recommended DO ALL Appliances on their excellent ASKO dishwasher repair and maintenance service.  I gave them a call and they were able to organize a time to come to my house after work to sort the issue out.

Asko Dishwasher Repair Service Melbourne

The technician was very knowledgeable, explaining that it could be from various factors, the door switch, the door latch, the main control board, the touchpad, the control panel or the timer.  They would check all these components when reviewing the issue.

The repairer identified the issue was the door switch.  The technician went to his van got the part and replaced it in no time.  Such a wonderful service I would recommend it to anyone that was having a horrible morning as it did. It gives me peace of mind to know that there are experts who specialise in the maintenance of my ASKO dishwasher Melbourne.

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