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Are Your Appliances Christmas-ready?

November 27,2022

Are you ready for Christmas and New year? Make sure you have your appliances repaired and checked up!

Christmas time can be pretty busy, especially when friends and relatives are coming over. Your to-do list seems unending from cleaning the house, food preparations, decorations, gift wrapping, and last-minute shopping. If you’re getting ready for the holidays, make sure you had your appliances repaired and checked up before December starts!

Is Your Appliance Ready for Christmas?

You do not want your dishwasher to flood your kitchen right before Christmas right? Nothing compares to the convenience of a dishwasher in every household so, it will be a terrible moment when it starts malfunctioning.

After a long and tiring day at the grocery finally, you’re home. And when you’re about to put the food in the fridge, you noticed that the freezer is not that cold enough and you are hearing some strange sounds. This situation can probably mess up all your plans!

You’ve waited an hour for your food and when you checked, it’s not yet cooked because your oven refuses to heat! How about if your stove is not working or producing some gas odours? What if your rangehood’s exhaust fan is too noisy than usual? You don’t want all of this to ruin the celebration! Do-all Appliance Service, the trusted and leading appliance servicing and repair centre in Melbourne for over 30 years is your best option to avoid those situations!

Our Appliance Repair Technicians are here to help!

Our highly skilled professionals are quick to respond. We offer same-day service as possible. You can book your appointments with us either morning or afternoon, and we can call you half an hour before our arrival. Did I mention that we do not charge travelling fees? You heard it right! We only charge for parts and labour.

Make it a habit to schedule a maintenance service every other time to avoid bad experiences and repeated issues with your appliances. Our Professionals will provide you with free consultations and give you tips and advice on how to take care of your reliable machines.

Our Opening hours during the Festive Season

Christmas is fast approaching! If you are having any doubts and want to make sure that your appliances are all ready, and want them to be serviced and checked before the holidays, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1300 366 365 or 03 9553 0660 for bookings and inquiries. Our friendly and polite Do-All Appliance Service team will assist you with all your queries. If we are unable to take your call during the holiday, please fill in our Contact Form and we will get back to you ASAP once we open back. You can also visit our website to see all the services that we offer.

Our Experts are ready to provide you with exceptional service. Give yourself the early present that you deserve and book with us now!

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