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Appliance repair service amid COVID-19: Home appliance safety with Do All Appliances

August 10,2020

Hygiene and physical distancing

We are happy to announce that, as our services are classified as essential, we are able to continue our work as normal throughout the COVID-19 Lockdown stage 4 restriction in Melbourne. However, each and every one of our skilled technicians are committed to abiding by strict sanitation rules to keep everyone safe and well. They will wear face masks, keep their hands sanitised and clean, and keep an appropriate and safe distance from all customers. So, you can call in our friendly team to service and repair your home appliances with the assurance that you and your family will be safe from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Repair before it’s too late

If any of your appliances are in need of a service or repair, don’t mull on the decision to call in a technician until after lockdown, because who knows when your appliance will completely stop working. There is nothing worse than having a broken fridge or washing machine – especially now when you don’t want to be spending hours waiting for your washing at a public laundromat, or spending hundreds of dollars a week on take away food due to a broken fridge. Furthermore, sometimes an ignored appliance may become harmful to the health of you and your family if left unrepaired. For example, a gas leak from your oven is often very risky, or a fluctuating temperature in your fridge may cause food poisoning. With essential home appliances, it is best to address any problems you are facing straight away to avoid any unnecessary risk and to ensure you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on replacing an appliance that could have been easily repaired if addressed earlier.

Contact Our Repair Service Today!

If you need a home appliance repair, you can be assured that the Do-All Appliance Services team are the best technicians for the job. Your appliances are safe in our (thoroughly sanitised) hands.

Make a booking today by calling 1300 366 365 or 03 9553 0660, or you can visit our website for more information.

The Do-All Appliance and Service team hopes that all of our valued customers are keeping safe during this difficult time. We look forward to getting back to complete normally after this is all over and servicing your home appliances without the stress of a pandemic.

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