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How Do I know When My Washing Machine Needs Repair? 4 Signs You Need to Call Your Repairman

July 9,2019

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You may think the answer to the above question is pretty obvious. How do I know when my washing machine needs repair? ‘When it stops working, duh!’ But at Do-All Appliance Service (providers of washing machine repairs Melbourne), we’ve seen it all and we know that sometimes, you don’t know when an appliance needs repairing until it’s too late. We’ve put together a short list of signs to watch out for if your washing machine may be on the verge of a breakdown:

1) How loud is too loud?

If your washing machine is starting to sound like a Demogorgon from The Upside Down, it may be time for repair or a round of servicing. Typically, while washing machines aren’t totally silent, they shouldn’t be creating a ruckus either. If yours is, check to see your machine is not overloaded, something that can set the inner drum off balance. If reducing the load or rearranging the clothes doesn’t make a difference, your drum may be off balance. In this case, call an expert immediately.

2) Leaky cauldron

Water from your washing machine belongs inside the machine, so if you notice leaks or pools of water around your washer, something’s wrong. Sometimes drain pipe could be broken, in which case it’s best to call a technician right away because as we all know, water and electricity do not mix well.

3) Empty barrel

Once the cycle is complete, there should not be any water remaining in the washer’s drum. You may want to check to make sure no clothing has blocked the pump, and check to see there is nothing clogging the drainage pipe. If you can’t see any blockages, then there’s most likely something wrong with the washer’s pump and it may need replacement. This is best left to the experts.

4) No agitation

Sometimes a blockage can prevent the washer from agitating. If this occurs in your machine, the motor overload protector may have stopped the spin mechanism, the belt may be broken or there may be an electronic failure. If this is the case, a certified technician is best contacted right away to deal with the problem.

At Do-All Appliance Service, we have over 30 years of experience in the repair trade. If you’re looking for Washing Machine Repairs Melbourne, look no further. We deliver impeccable service and service all major brands. Just call us on 1300 366 365 to get started, or visit our website at www.doallappliances.com.au/washing-machine-repair-melbourne.

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